Report bugs

Use the issue tracker on GitHub to file bugs.

Hack on the code

Fork the repository on GitHub, do your work in your fork (rhymes, eh?) and send me a pull request. Try to conform to PEP 8 and make sure the tests pass (see below).

Running tests


It is recommended to work in a virtualenv.

All dependencies required for running tests are specified in the file test_requirements.txt.


If you get errors such as ImportError: No module named mock while running tests, you’re probably on Python 2 (Python 3 has mock in standard library). To fix that, run pip install mock.

To get the tests up and running, follow these commands:

virtualenv envelope
cd envelope
source bin/activate
git clone
cd django-envelope
pip install -r test_requirements.txt
make test


First three steps can be simplified by using virtualenvwrapper.

To get a coverage report, replace the last command with:

make coverage

CI Server

The GitHub repository is hooked to Travis CI. Travis worker pushes code coverage to after each successful build.